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Business for the Arts
133 Richmond Street West, Suite 202,
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2L3
Phone: (416) 869-3016
Fax: (416) 869-0435

President and CEO
Nichole Anderson Bergeron

Director of Development and Operations
Brittney Cathcart

Program Director, artsVest
Claire Hefferon Payne

Creative Director
Raji Aujla

B/A Consultant
Aida Aydinyan

Program Manager, artsVest Nova Scotia
Scott Burke
(902) 802-4710

Program Manager, artsVest B.C.
Kenji Maeda
(604) 619-2610

Program Manager, artsVest Saskatchewan
Wendy Thienes
(306) 294-7383

Program Manager, artsVest Alberta
Allison Moore
(403) 852-8461

Program Manager, artsVest PEI and New Brunswick
Florian Vauléon
(416) 587-2890

Program Director, Canadian Arts Summit
Shannon Litzenberger

Program Coordinator, arts & business exchange
Anthony Petroulakis

Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Karran Sahadeo

Senior Accountant
Pramila Sothinathan

Junior Accountant
Karina Kheshfajian